We love what we do and are good at doing it. We are a small, independent shop (no ISO-9000 here and proud of it). We thrive on creativity and bring our extensive years of expertise to your app.

application strategy

Have a great idea but not quite sure the best way to make it happen? cliqconsulting will shape your idea from a broad concept to reality. With our extensive experience building some of the most advanced apps, cliqconsulting will advise you on proper implementation, features and business models.

Unsure about paid vs. free+? How to leverage social? Best integration of location? Keeping your app up-to-date and dynamic?

Through detailed conversations, cliqconsulting will help you uncover your business objectives, the target audience and the features that are both competitive and forward thinking.

project management

We've all heard the horror stories: months over schedule, thousands over budget...well not with us! In fact, cliqconsulting has been brought in to recover many overdue, poorly implemented projects. cliqconsulting only employs seasoned veterans with years of experience that can slice through the noise and get your app to market as quickly as possible.

Besides working directly with a senior project manager, every cliqconsulting project comes with a hosted project workspace that includes a source code repository, ticketing system, wiki, message board and file sharing space. If you already have your own process and tools in place, we will adapt to yours.

user experience and graphics

The best ideas deserve the best user experience. cliqconsulting's seasoned information architects and talented graphic designers excel in making complex applications simple to use.

We are fully versed in iPhone/iPad HIG compliance and produce great applications that meet or exceed Apple’s standards. Our award winning apps have been praised for their ease of use and stunning graphics.

cliqconsulting can utilize your existing brand and assets, or develop new, engaging assets optimized for mobile. Along the way, we will collaborate through wireframes and detailed mockups. We obsess over every pixel so you don't have to.


Our experienced developers have expertise with Cocoa Touch and all related technologies, including:

  • Quartz, Core Animation, Core Graphics and UIKit
  • Core Audio, Audio Video Foundation, and Audio Queue Services
  • CFNetwork, Bonjour, REST and other networking technologies
  • Accelerometer, CoreLocation and MapKit
  • Webkit
  • StoreKit
  • Push Notification Services
  • GameKit
  • Advertising (AdMob) and Analytics (Flurry) integration

cliqconsulting has the expertise to tackle the hard problems. In fact, we were asked to work directly with Apple to integrate StoreKit and GameKit before it was made available to the general developer community.


Nothing will cause more headaches then a buggy app performing poorly and garnering bad reviews. Our QA process ensures all apps undergo rigorous review for bugs, slow performance and network related issues. You will receive test builds at regular intervals as well.

You have heard horror stories of apps being rejected or even pulled from the App Store℠. Improper submissions could cost you valuable time and revenue. With a rigorous approval process, it helps to have a guide who has been through it before. cliqconsulting will handle all the details, allowing you to focus on marketing and promotion efforts.

Once the app is available to the public, our focus shifts past v1.0 to future releases, backed by user feedback and analytics.


From writing your first line of code to helping tackle advanced concepts, cliqconsulting can mentor your team with guided lessons or focused code reviews. Leverage our knowledge and best practices to take your development skills to the next level. We can provide mentoring on objective-C, Cocoa Touch, XCode, interface builder and instruments.