My Telephone Game

My Telephone Game


The classic game of Telephone! Now you can play it with the entire world, LIVE.

cliqconsulting took My Telephone Game from concept to App Store. Our client, People Operating Technology, came to us with the premise, "Wouldn't it be great to play the telephone game on the iPhone?". cliqconsulting worked closely with People Operating Technology to develop the game mechanics, original artwork and server technology to bring their idea to life.

This innovative app allows users to record and listen to crystal quality audio recordings shared by thousands of users world wide. cliqconsulting built a rails server integrated with Amazon S3 for reliable storage and fast playback of user recordings.

After a user plays a game, they are able to review previous turns while interacting with a state-of-the-art OpenGL ES renedered globe that heightens the sense of global participation.

Users are encouraged to keep playing track of game progress through Apple Push Notification Services. Users can create a few games with the initial download, and purchase additional credits using StoreKit in-app-purchase.

The stunning artwork enhances the overall app usability with a highly stylized, retro theme.



  • OpenGL ES

  • CoreLocation

  • StoreKit

  • Apple Push Notifications

  • Media Framework

  • PinchMedia / Flurry

  • AppExtras

  • Urban Airship Push Notifications

  • RESTful Rails server with JSON

  • Amazon S3