Magnetic Personalities

Magnetic Personalities


Retro fun for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Drag metal filings around with your fingertips to create a funny, serious or outrageous portraits. Use the custom designed heads, or a photo of your own.

cliqconsulting had a lot of fun recreating this childhood toy for the iPhone. While there are similar apps available, our implementation is the only one that accurately reproduces the physics of thousands of magnetic filings. We embraced the publishers desire to have an authentic recreation of the retro toy and the results are fantastic. Watch the video review on the sidebar to see it in action.

With Magnetic Personalities, the user can decorate either our originally designed heads, or use the built-in camera to decorate their own photos. Users can save the images to their photo album or assign to a contact in address book.



  • OpenGL ES

  • Core Animation

  • Camera integration

  • ABAddressBook framework

  • Accelorometer