Catch Phrase

Catch Phrase


Helps you remember what somebody said and when they said it. Catch the next great meme!

Catch Phrase was the first app built by cliqconsulting's founder. This app was self published and provided critical experience to building iPhone apps.

This novel app allows a user to track a phrase they hear. Users enter a phrase and add what mood it represents. Afterwords, they can just double tap the phrase everytime they hear it. There are screens to review what they have caught, and some beautiful graphs to see what moods and phrases were caught over time.

Catch Phrase has at it's core advanced charts and graphs utilizing CoreGraphics framework. The data is stored in a local sqlite database. Also built in is custom user activity tracking code, similar to the likes of Flurry Analytics. It was these building blocks and experience that gave cliqconsulting a solid foundation to build great apps for our clients.



  • SQLite

  • CoreGraphics

  • UIKit